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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Truth Behind The Lies Author Playlist

These are the songs I listened to while writing THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES. This is part of the inspiration process. Take a look and you can see why I chose these songs. 

1.   How’s That – FKA Twigs  This is the song I used for the book trailer. These words are sensual and overtly sexual. She wants him in her wink wink. 

That feels good, In my...
That feels good
So so amazing
I want you, In my...

2.     Say You Will – Kanye West This song was the song Bash played on they way back home after their overnight stay at the hotel in Indiana.

When I grab your neck.
I touch your soul. 
Take off your cool, then lose control.

3.     Blow – Beyoncé I put this song in the playlist because it was about a man giving a woman oral pleasures and this took place fairly often in the book. This song was probably played the most because it fit the best with the storyline. 

Can you eat my skittles? 
It’s the sweetest in the middle. 
Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle.

4.     Cabaret – Justin Timberlake Another sexy song that displays how a man feels about the sexiness of his woman. This remains me of Bash.

Now can we discuss. 
Just how fast you got undressed. 
Girl if sex is a contest. 
Then you’re come in first.

5. Lights On – FKA Twigs This erotic song conveys feeling so comfortable with someone in a sexual manner with lyrics like *when I trust you we can do it with the lights on* this instantly made it to the playlist because Bash and Nina took their time getting to know each other. 

Break or seize me. 
Let the things that I tell you survive. 
In the way that you handle your size. 
Never leave me.

6.     Feelings – Maroon 5 This fast paced happy song was on the playlist because it conveyed the joy the characters felt encountering a new love. 

If you want me.
Take me home and let me use you.

7. Trini Dem Girls – Nicki Minaj This song was mentioned in the book as the song Nina danced to in her open clutter free living room. She wanted to see if she still could pat the pum pum. 

Put it in his face like a cop badge. 
He wanna pound it like a hashtag.

8. Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) – Beyoncé This song in its slow version is pretty much the anthem for being hopelessly and helplessly in love. You may have heard the song a million times but there's something so sexy and provocative about this slowed down groaning version of the song.

You got me sprung 
and I don’t care who sees, 
cause baby you got me.

9.     Hours – FKA Twigs British artist FKA Twigs has a host of very sexual songs with explicit lyrics. That’s if you listen closely to the words. Her songs seem to fit perfectly with the subject matter I tackled in the book. 

How would you like it 
if I sucked before I bite 
but it wasn’t too hard 
so it felt alright

10. Chains – Nick Jonas This song made it to the playlist because it was indicative to feeling an undeniable attachment to a lover. The beat was cool and just want was needed to keep me writing about Nina and Bash. 

You got me in chains
you got me in chains for your love
But, I wouldn't change, 
no I wouldn't change this love

These are the main songs on my playlist for the novel The Truth Behind The Lies. Book 2 will have a new playlist. 
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