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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Balls To The Walls Update

This is my first video blog update for my upcoming sixth and final book in the Balls To The Walls Erotica Series. Mason Rizza will be back very soon. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


My Blog Tour

Lolah Lace
Lolah Lace is a writer of Erotic Romantic Fiction. She currently resides in the Chicagoland area. Although she has been writing for years, Let's Play Ball is her first erotic interracial romance book. She decided to make it into a series of six books called Balls To The Walls Erotica Series.

Latest Release: Flag On The Play – Book Five in the Balls To The Walls Erotica Series
Ebook available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBookstore, Diesel, Scribd, Kobo

My Writing Process – Blog Tour
I would love to thank my new friend and best-selling IR writer LaShawn Vasser, her blog is many thanks LaShawn, see you on the bestsellers list! Thanks for your insight and support.

1.)        What am I working on?
I’m currently working on the sixth book in my Balls To The Walls Erotic Romance Series. You can find the first five books at Amazon on my author’s page. The sixth book is entitled Out Of Bounds. I plan to have the final book released to the public by the end of April 2014. I love writing series novels but I had success with the release of my first stand-alone novel The Boss Lady. So soon after the release of Out Of Bounds I will release another stand-alone novel with a smoking hot alpha male hero.

2.)        How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My books are all interracial romance books with strong African American female heroines. One major difference in my style of writing is my books are all based in reality. I tend to make my books relatable to the average woman. My stories are based on random everyday situations that many women have faced. Another difference is I always write in first person narrative and usually from the male perspective.  I incorporate common ordinary characters in my books. Characters my readers can relate to and empathize with.  Although my novels are considered erotic they are romantic in that they contain romantic love relationships.

3.)        Why do I write what I do?
I write stories that are personal to me. I write stories that would entertain and fascinate me. The realization that they entertain others is quite rewarding. I am intrigued by the romance genre and the many elements it incorporates.  Interracial romance comes natural to me because I have always lived, worked and gone to school in racially diverse communities.

4.)        How does your writing process work?
My writing process is simple in concept because it is centered on self-discipline. I used to live by the motto write 1,000 words per day or die. Now I have learned to write more than 1,000 words. I let the story take me away until I am truly exhausted. Instead of writing a few hours here and there I have learned to take my writing as a full time job. There are days that I sit behind my desk in my office and write for six to eight hours. I truly love to write. It comes natural and has therapeutic qualities. I produce a better story when I lock myself away with my thoughts, music and laptop. I always write with the aid of an outline. I sometimes use index cards. I also make a music playlist for the major characters in my books. So far this process has been extremely effective. I have over twenty unfinished books and I can’t wait to finish my current series and complete a story that I had put on hold.

Next Authors up Monday - April 21th…

Alexandria Infantè

Alexandria Infantè teaches Literature/Art History/ Mythology at the college level.  It was her love for each of the above that fueled Ms. Infanté’s mythology based paranormal series. She is the author of two interracial paranormal romance series; “Teaching between Midnight & Dawn and A Lite Farie Tale. Ms. Infantè pens interracial contemporary, as well as a different side of interracial historical romance. Ms. Infante has written 20 books to date, and expects another seven new releases this summer. Alexandria has always had a deep seated affection for interracial romance, not to mention the fact that she gets to write what she loves, and gets paid for it truly rocks her boat!

Raven St. Pierre
Raven St. Pierre is a newly published Interracial Romance author, best known for her Free Falling series; a new adult saga featuring an African-American female lead and Japanese-American hero.  Raven has a host of stories published and awaiting release that she intends to share with readers who thrive on high-drama, messy love triangles, and emotionally jarring plotlines.  When Raven isn’t weaving her next tangled weave of love, lust, and lies, her husband and three children keep her plenty busy….when she isn’t gaming, that is.

Krystell Lake

Krystell Lake has written novels, screenplays and teleplays. She writes fiction in the paranormal fantasy and horror genre. Her novels are all interracial and multicultural themed with elements of action and epic romance.  Her popular series The First Blood Novels is about a unique family of vampires that has spanned through many generations.  She also has an action packed zombie series entitled Deadies. Krystell Lake is an avid collector of zombie and vampire memorabilia, movies and books. She can be found online at 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Hello Readers, if you’re reading this blog that means you have already jumped on the BALLS TO THE WALLS journey with me. If you haven’t here’s a quick summary of book five.

[Mason warned Kari but she didn’t take his threat at face value. After Mason throws a monkey wrench in Kari’s special day, she is forced to deal with her crazy ex-lover. There has been a round of never-ending obstacles in their torrid love affair. Can Mason convince Kari that he is the only man for her? Or will his extreme measures be the end of them once and for all?]

So you are on the Mason and Kari roller coaster and you need another fix. Their relationship makes you happy, sad, mad and royally pissed off. But for some reason you want to see them find some relief or just some sense of peace. Some readers are Team Mason some are Team Jack. The last book will make some put this long love triangle to bed. It was extremely hard writing book five because it touched on some very hard issues. Kari had a lot of justifiable hostility towards Mason. She had some hard issues to face and some hard decisions to make.

There is only one book left in the series and I am typing my little fingers to the bone trying to get it to you. I want to thank all the readers that stuck with the series and enjoyed it. Without you guys there would be no reason to continue the series. So thank you a million times over.

There will be one final book in the series. It is due out at the end of April. The last book will be titled OUT OF BOUNDS. There are *SPOILERS* in the next paragraph so if you haven’t read all the way up to book five STOP reading.

I decided to put the wedding in book five because readers probably expected a wedding in book six. Although I have my original outline for these books I sometimes deviate from it. The original outline had a wedding that took place in Mexico. The original outline didn’t have a pregnancy. As the ideas come to me I change things that will better suit the storyline.

I am a true lover of stories. I listen to people when they share and that is why the BTTW books are rooted in reality. These drama filled scenarios could really happen to you or people you know. I have been asked if there will be any other books in this series after book six. My answer is I don’t know for sure. Six books were the original plan and I made seven books when you count RJ’s story FREE AGENT 3.5. I have many books to write and or finish before I can revisit BTTW.

Thanks LL