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Saturday, August 15, 2015


Here's an update on what I've been up to!

I am very sorry to say that I'm a little behind in my book releases. It's not my fault. It's that doggone day job. lol I get distracted easy and end up releasing books that nobody even knew I was writing in the first place. I'm all over the place but if you have been following me you know that all ready. So here's what's been going on with me. 

*I will be uploading Yellow Ghost (The La Femme Selita Prequel) to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited on the 17th of August. This is the cover and the blurb:

My name is Selita. I am a trained assassin. This is the only life I know. My father calls me La Femme Selita but the others call me Yellow Ghost. I have no fear but I am feared. If we were to meet, it probably means you die. People think I’m cold. I’m a survivor. I have emotions. I feel. I hurt. I love. I kill. Let me tell you how I became this way. I must start from the beginning.
This is the prequel to the novel La Femme Selita. It is a BWWM Erotic Romance. The final La Femme book entitled La Belle Selita is due out in November 2015.

*I changed the cover of La Femme Selita so if you have it already and see the new cover I want you to know I just updated the cover but it's exactly the same book. This is the new cover. 

*The Truth Behind The Lies 2 isn't quite finished so I am hoping, wishing and praying to have it complete by the end of this month. I have the cover ready but I still need to add a few things, edit and send it to the beta readers.

I have some long days of writing and editing ahead of me. Thank you all for your patience. I will keep you posted. XOXO Lolah Lace