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Monday, January 19, 2015


Finally I have birthed another book. My latest book comes out today at This book is the longest Lolah Lace book I've written. It's a little over 70,000 words. It was supposed to be 40,000 words. I kind of got carried away with the story. My book is still available in my website bookstore at Here is the blurb for A CONSTANT REMINDER and a brief video blog entry. 

A Constant Reminder is a controversial interracial BWWM romance.

Adam Hardwick was lost and angry. He felt alone in a world he created. His life was headed in the wrong direction and this caused him to reluctantly disappear from society.  Now that he’s reappeared Adam meets Roxanne Potts and their lives are forever changed. Coincidence brings them together but secrets may tear them apart. As hard as they try, Adam and Roxanne won’t be able to hide their secrets forever. Through the pain, the love and the lies, there is only the truth. Will their love survive the demons of the past and the damage it has caused? Or will the truth destroy their chance at true happiness?

This is a controversial story about rehabilitation, redemption and forgiveness.