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Tuesday, November 8, 2016




Here’s an excerpt from LOGAN ENCHANTED:
Two weeks had passed and there was no mention of anything that had transpired between Logan and me. Everything was back to normal. We carpooled. We hung out. We even had innocent sleepovers. Innocent meaning my panties stayed on my body and his tongue stayed in his mouth. 
I didn’t have the guts to ask Logan about Marcie. He didn’t volunteer any information and I know he came home that night after his date with her. I got home after him and I saw his car parked in the lot. Two weeks later and I didn’t say anything and he didn’t either. I wasn’t even sure if he was still seeing Marcie. There were a few things we didn’t discuss and Marcie from the eleventh floor was one of them. 
We went to work and came home but the drama was always following me. I was home alone after work. I was rocked hard again with news that I should have seen coming. But apparently my name was Stevie Wonder because I didn’t see a damn thing. 
Tonight I needed Logan.