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Sunday, October 18, 2015



Hey ladies I am excited to type that Sebastian is back in the building. It's been a minute but I am wrapping up the fast paced love affair of Nina Norwood and Sebastian Vandervol. The last book ended with a bang. I call it a cliffhanger. (LOL) Now everything is wrapped up tight in the last book THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES 2. I have a small request for the readers the read the first book and enjoyed it. PLEASE go over to Amazon or the place you purchased the first book and leave a review. The truth is reviews give authors life. They fuel and motivate. They inspire us the put down the donuts and write the next book. 

The new book is available for pre-order at Amazon. The release date is October 30th 2015. Just click the link to order your advance copy of THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES 2.

"I am not a killer. No matter how many times I say it, it still doesn’t sway public opinion. People believe what they want to believe. People judge you with one piece of the puzzle, with a single stitch of evidence. I am guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty. I have never taken a life. I have never killed an animal and I don’t remember killing many insects. I was falsely accused and for a long time, that was my badge of shame. I didn’t kill my wife. I am guilty of many things but killing my wife is not one of them. She lives and breathes because I say so. Sometimes I wish I didn’t say so. Would things have been better for me if she had died? If I had killed her? This is one of those conundrums. I think that maybe I made the wrong choice. Maybe, just maybe, I should have killed my wife."

If you didn't read the first book in the 2 book series here's the link for it. 

Monday, October 5, 2015


Just in time for Halloween the Touch The Dark Box Set is out and available for purchase. What is Touch The Dark? 12 Fantasy, Sci/Fi, Paranormal Interracial Romances from 12 Bestselling Authors.
He lingers in the shadows, eager to caress your soul.
Hushed whispers call out to you, luring you toward the darkness.
Beneath the wavering fear, a fever rises within. Lust, ecstasy…
Don’t be afraid. Before death, pleasure is guaranteed.
Close your eyes, reach out to the unknown…

Here's the list of the authors and their novels in the box set. There's something for everyone in this box set and it's only 99 cents. So be sure to get your copy.
Angel Rising ~ LaVerne Thompson 
"To live, she must feed her hollow soul."

Silent Screams ~ Yvonne Nicolas 
"Torn Between darkness and light, can Rayne save mankind?" 

Nylora's Fate ~ Serenity King 
"Unleashed passion has led Nylora to a fate unknown." 

Sable ~ Dariel Raye 
"Orderly attorney, fiery sentinel wolf, made for each other." 

A Kiss of Ashen Twilight ~ Rae Lori 
"Worlds collide when a Nightwalker and Fae fall in love." 

Homebound ~ Ursula Sinclair 
"We don't belong here." 
With Friends Like These ~ Stephanie Williams 
"With friends like these who needs sex toys?"

Hunter's Hit List ~ Lolah Lace 
"Hunt or be hunted." 

AngelBorn ~ L. Penelope 
"He gave up eternity for love… and lost." 

Birth ~ Krystell Lake 
"Everlasting life comes with a price… her freedom."

Spirited Away ~ Ines Johnson 
"The trip to find herself led out of this world." 

The Alphas & Olivia ~ Bria Knight 
"Two males, one female, what's a werewolf to do?" 

Here are the links for the box set. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Here's an update on what I've been up to!

I am very sorry to say that I'm a little behind in my book releases. It's not my fault. It's that doggone day job. lol I get distracted easy and end up releasing books that nobody even knew I was writing in the first place. I'm all over the place but if you have been following me you know that all ready. So here's what's been going on with me. 

*I will be uploading Yellow Ghost (The La Femme Selita Prequel) to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited on the 17th of August. This is the cover and the blurb:

My name is Selita. I am a trained assassin. This is the only life I know. My father calls me La Femme Selita but the others call me Yellow Ghost. I have no fear but I am feared. If we were to meet, it probably means you die. People think I’m cold. I’m a survivor. I have emotions. I feel. I hurt. I love. I kill. Let me tell you how I became this way. I must start from the beginning.
This is the prequel to the novel La Femme Selita. It is a BWWM Erotic Romance. The final La Femme book entitled La Belle Selita is due out in November 2015.

*I changed the cover of La Femme Selita so if you have it already and see the new cover I want you to know I just updated the cover but it's exactly the same book. This is the new cover. 

*The Truth Behind The Lies 2 isn't quite finished so I am hoping, wishing and praying to have it complete by the end of this month. I have the cover ready but I still need to add a few things, edit and send it to the beta readers.

I have some long days of writing and editing ahead of me. Thank you all for your patience. I will keep you posted. XOXO Lolah Lace

Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July Sale

I have a 50% off sale on all the books in my bookstore today. So hurry over to to take advantage of this one day sale. Visit my bookstore for this special offer. During checkout you must use the PROMO code: independence in order to get the 50% off. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015



I have the author blues. I’m sure I’m not the only author that suffers from this. I have many author problems. The one that plagues me on a regular basis is, what should I write. If you are a writer that has a singular idea and has the aptitude to focus on that idea and none other than this doesn’t apply to you. I also do a slow clap for you. You are amazing. No really you are superhuman.

My problem is I’m in capable of focusing on one book at a time. When people find out I’m an author they always say “Oh it must be hard to have to come up with things to write about.” I sigh and my speech is always the same. Material to write about and ideas have never been a problem for me. I never, I mean never run out of ideas. My problem is I have too many ideas, so many in fact that I can’t seem to concentrate on only one, or two, or three.

I’m the writer that works on more than one book at a time. I pray that I actually finish a book. I honestly am amazed that I have been able to finish a complete book. If you were in my head you would understand my severe problem with focus. It is extremely frustrating for me. I constantly feel like I’m letting my readers down. I think I could produce more books if only I could concentrate on one story at a time. This is precisely why I have given up on giving exact release dates for upcoming titles. My brain gets distracted too easily.

I’m sure I’m being too hard on myself. But then again once you see my list of works in progress you may be inclined to agree with me. These are just the books I’ve been working on for the last 30 days that are over three thousand words. I have at least 20 more works in progress. So with no further ado here is the list of my current WIP’s.

The Truth Behind The Lies 2          19,364
Female cop book in 1st person          9,099
Female cop book in 3rd person         8,557
Untitled random idea                          7,125
Male cop book                                      5,072
La Femme Selita 2                               4,415
Spy book                                                4,122
Prequel of old book                             3,870
Fox Brothers Book 3                           3,382           

The total word count could have easily been one or two books if added together. As you can see I’m all over the place. I need a pill that helps me finish one book at a time. Although this feels overwhelming at times I should rejoice in the fact that my schizophrenic author brain has published 13 Lolah Lace titles and 6 Krystell Lake titles.

My mantra is one day I’m going to get my sh*t together. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Truth Behind The Lies Author Playlist

These are the songs I listened to while writing THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES. This is part of the inspiration process. Take a look and you can see why I chose these songs. 

1.   How’s That – FKA Twigs  This is the song I used for the book trailer. These words are sensual and overtly sexual. She wants him in her wink wink. 

That feels good, In my...
That feels good
So so amazing
I want you, In my...

2.     Say You Will – Kanye West This song was the song Bash played on they way back home after their overnight stay at the hotel in Indiana.

When I grab your neck.
I touch your soul. 
Take off your cool, then lose control.

3.     Blow – Beyoncé I put this song in the playlist because it was about a man giving a woman oral pleasures and this took place fairly often in the book. This song was probably played the most because it fit the best with the storyline. 

Can you eat my skittles? 
It’s the sweetest in the middle. 
Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle.

4.     Cabaret – Justin Timberlake Another sexy song that displays how a man feels about the sexiness of his woman. This remains me of Bash.

Now can we discuss. 
Just how fast you got undressed. 
Girl if sex is a contest. 
Then you’re come in first.

5. Lights On – FKA Twigs This erotic song conveys feeling so comfortable with someone in a sexual manner with lyrics like *when I trust you we can do it with the lights on* this instantly made it to the playlist because Bash and Nina took their time getting to know each other. 

Break or seize me. 
Let the things that I tell you survive. 
In the way that you handle your size. 
Never leave me.

6.     Feelings – Maroon 5 This fast paced happy song was on the playlist because it conveyed the joy the characters felt encountering a new love. 

If you want me.
Take me home and let me use you.

7. Trini Dem Girls – Nicki Minaj This song was mentioned in the book as the song Nina danced to in her open clutter free living room. She wanted to see if she still could pat the pum pum. 

Put it in his face like a cop badge. 
He wanna pound it like a hashtag.

8. Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) – Beyoncé This song in its slow version is pretty much the anthem for being hopelessly and helplessly in love. You may have heard the song a million times but there's something so sexy and provocative about this slowed down groaning version of the song.

You got me sprung 
and I don’t care who sees, 
cause baby you got me.

9.     Hours – FKA Twigs British artist FKA Twigs has a host of very sexual songs with explicit lyrics. That’s if you listen closely to the words. Her songs seem to fit perfectly with the subject matter I tackled in the book. 

How would you like it 
if I sucked before I bite 
but it wasn’t too hard 
so it felt alright

10. Chains – Nick Jonas This song made it to the playlist because it was indicative to feeling an undeniable attachment to a lover. The beat was cool and just want was needed to keep me writing about Nina and Bash. 

You got me in chains
you got me in chains for your love
But, I wouldn't change, 
no I wouldn't change this love

These are the main songs on my playlist for the novel The Truth Behind The Lies. Book 2 will have a new playlist. 
Lolah Lace