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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


UPDATE: La Femme Selita is out and available Amazon La Femme Selita (AMAZON) and Smashwords La Femme Selita (SMASHWORDS) ebook only $3.99.

I have a new book coming out this month. I’m pretty excited about it. It should be available in ebook format in a couple of days. It’s not at all like the Balls To The Walls Erotica Series. It happens to be the longest Lolah Lace book I've written at 57,000 words. Here’s a brief description for my new book entitled La Femme Selita along with the cover reveal, a hot new book trailer and an excerpt from the book.

Attorney Ben Knox needed a fresh start. He ran away from his career and family years ago and settled into a nice suburban life. He was content in his new life until the demons from his past caught up to him. He is forced into a dire situation that renders him powerless. Ben meets Selita a beautiful but deadly woman with a mysterious past. Will Ben live long enough to be reunited with his family or will the woman Selita be the death of him?

book excerpt 

“Wake up sleepy head.”
I heard her silky, sultry voice. It was only seconds before I felt the terse sting of the hard slap across my clean-shaven cheek. I was now alert for the most part. That was the end of my groggy haze and the beginning of something unknown. Where? What? Who? Questions jumped into my brain and held me down. Focus Ben. I told myself as I searched for lucidity.
My eyes slowly crept open to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Was I dreaming? Did I fall asleep on the couch watching one of those black movies? If so, I was dreaming of the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen. She can’t be real. She must be someone from a movie or one of those primetime TV shows.
Her dark eyes were stunning, alluring in a way that I had never encountered. Her lips were plump, rosy and ready to be kissed. I was becoming aroused for no reason other than her sexy appearance.
Why did I have a headache if this was a dream? Why did I feel the rigid burn of the smack to my jaw? I know that I am awake. This is not one of my drowning dreams. This isn’t a figment of much needed slumber? Is… this… real? I asked myself because it just can’t be.
Reality hit me hard with the sudden inexplicable truth. Why the fuck are my arms tied behind my back? I tried to move, tried to edge in some direction or another. My arms were tangled and twisted. I couldn’t move my hands. I was bound to a chair. No, I was handcuffed to a chair.
I tried to move my hands and I could hear the metal of the cuffs cling against my seat. I looked down at the dark gray cement floor and then back up at the fancy dressed black lady in high heels, my dream lady. Is she the one that slapped me? There was no one else standing anywhere near me. It had to be. Why?
She was looking down at me smiling, more accurately she was smirking. She was dressed in all black, black leather pants with black leather pumps, a sheer black shirt with a bright apple red bra underneath, a red bra to match her bold red lipstick. I studied her carefully soaking up every detail. Her hair was shiny, black, long, hanging on her shoulders and it stopped at her elbows. She donned the body of a goddess and the face of an angel.
“Benicio Pendelton.” She purred in a voice just as sexy as her curvaceous body. She even sounds like a princess.
My reverie was paused when I noticed the two huge men standing behind her. They were a few feet away from her shapely yet slender frame. The two men had visible guns in their waistbands, huge guns. This is not a dream. This is as real as real can be.
“Who, what?” I found my voice although my throat was dry and raw.
“Who, what.” She mocked me with her brightly painted red lips.
“My name is Ben Knox.”
“Benicio Pendelton.” She chanted with minimal vigor. 
“No, Ben Knox.” I offered once more. I waited for her to respond but she didn’t so I took the moment to further my cause. “I don’t know this guy you’re looking for.”
The corners of her lips rose to taunt me with an ominous smile. She chuckled and looked back at the gun-toting goon standing behind her to the left. He was a bald black man with a hard face and square jaw. I couldn’t imagine him smiling, ever. I could imagine him killing someone with his bare hands.
Just like a trained lapdog the black man stepped forward. He removed his gun from the waistband of his jeans and handed it over to the lady.
She took the gun with a familiarity. She removed the safety and pointed it at me, right at my face. What the fuck is going on here? She rushed forward and grabbed a hulking chunk of my hair. She tilted my chin to the ceiling. She had me tight, shit, real tight! It hurts like fucking hell.
I felt her fingernails dig into my scalp. She pressed the gun to my temple. The steel was warm and I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer. Something like please help me. Don’t let me die here like this. I opened my eyes only blinking a few too many times to count. What the fuck is going on here?
“Look motherfucker!” She growled into my face. “I will blow those fucking blue eyes out your orbital cavity if you fuck with me!”
“Please stop!” I thought she was going to claw my brains out. “What do you want?”
“I want you to tell me the truth, Benicio. I don’t have time for games.”
“Okay, Okay! Please.” 
She loosened her grip on my hair. She was staring down at me and her dark eyes were cold and lifeless but still somehow striking.
I didn’t doubt for one minute that she would put a bullet in me. Beautiful but deadly was an understatement. She had an angel face with a devil’s heart. This chick meant business but I didn’t have any business. This was a terrible mistake. She would soon realize this and be upset with herself. That is my hope.
She bent down and stopped inches from my lips. If my tongue jetted out my mouth it would touch her lips. I got a whiff of her breath. It smelled like lemon flavored cough drops.
“Benicio Pendelton.”
I felt the urge to deny that name but soon decided against it.
“Yes.” I felt like crying but I wasn’t going to die here in front of this ruthless chick no matter how stimulatingly sexy she was. I wasn’t going to give her the pleasure of my tears. Fuck You! My motto, my creed, my declaration of independence, I will die with defiance in my spirit. 
She abruptly let me go but not without tossing my head back and jerking my neck to whiplash status.
“Frank.” She took a step back. The square-jawed, bald, black guy stepped forward. She placed the gun behind her back and he took his gun back. I sighed an internal sense of relief as he tucked the pistol into his waistband.
The lady looked down at me and she stepped into my face with her closed fist. Wham! Right into my cheek. She socked me so hard I almost fell over in the chair. FUCK! That hurt. She didn’t hit like a girl. My jaw was on fire but my headache completely disappeared into thin air. She fucking hit me? I questioned her actions as if they hadn’t actually happened, like I didn’t have a front row seat to the madness. The slap, the punch, the gun, what is going on here?
She looked back at the two goons. “Leave me alone with him.” She dismissively ordered.

Both of the men sort of bowed but it was a stiff subtle movement. I noticed the other guy clearly. He was an older tanned white guy with muscles galore and arm tats befitting a rockstar. He might have looked at me and smirked. My vision is blurry. Maybe he knows something I don’t. Am I better off alone with her?