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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I’m sure I’m not the only writer that loves to write. I write all day long. I carry multiple gel pens with me everywhere I go. I bring my Kindle, laptop and iPhone everywhere so I can write. I still write notes on paper so I’m not sure why I need so many devices to write and type. I would feel naked if one of these things were missing. It feels therapeutic when I write. I have more stories than I have time. If only I could write fulltime and ditch my regular job. I envy writers that only write for a living. I hope to join them one day. So here are the top ten reasons I love being an author.

10. ANOMITY – I like being unknown. For example instead of being a fashion model I would rather be the photographer. Instead of being an actress in a movie I would rather be the director of the movie. There are only a handful of authors that are recognizable by name and face. I may write erotica but I’m kind of shy.

9. SPECIAL CLUB – Being an author is a special club. Not everybody can join. It’s a secret society. It’s like a fraternity or sorority that only a few can share with other likeminded brothers and sisters. Since I am a non-conformist this is one of the only clubs I will probably belong to so it’s pretty darn special to me.

8. COVER DESIGN – I am still in the beginning stages of my writing career. So I actually design my own book covers. Under all my pennames I have designed a total of twelve covers. Until I start making the big bucks I will continue to design my own covers. I like picking the photos. It’s time consuming but very rewarding.

7. THE FACTS – The facts are what I make them. I love that as a writer you have the right to twist the facts to suit your purposes. I can make things up and recreate history. That’s what fiction is all about.

6. ENDLESS CREATIVITY – As an author you have the right to let your imagination run wild without being labeled crazy. Authors can write about unicorns, zombies and it’s all good. I could write about sex with an alien and I won’t be put into a mental hospital.

5. MONEY – You may think that this should be closer to the top but at this stage in my career money is not flowing to a point where I can say I write to make money. I don’t make enough money to hire a cover designer or an editor. Although some of my titles sell more than others. I still continue to write books in the series that barely sell. I truly want to finish the series even though no one’s buying it. I love to write more than I love money.

4. READERS, FRIENDS – I call the fans of my books, readers. Readers are a huge part of the thrill. Without someone to read what you have written, it makes the entire process pointless. I love when people read my books so it is definitely one of the top reasons I love being an author.

3. REVIEWS – I love reviews especially the good ones. There is no better feeling then receiving a review within the first 12 hours of your eBook being available for purchase. No matter what the ratings are I try to look at the positive points in all reviews.

2. NEWBORN BOOKBABY – My books are like my babies. I feel like I pushed them out my womb and I love all my kids dearly. I love the feeling I get when I finish a book. It feels like winning a race or running two extra miles on the treadmill. I write to feel that special elation as much as possible.

1. BOOKS ARE FOREVER – Death touches all of us. One day I will die. My children will die and so on and so forth. But as an author I will leave behind my work. Surely I’m no Shakespeare but someone somewhere 100 years from now will pick up my book at a garage sale or off an old Kindle or iPad. My work will live forever and that is the best thing about being an author.