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Monday, December 16, 2013


Here are a few questions about what went into the creation of my Erotica Series. Some of these questions were asked before so I thought I would post them in a blog. My back story is pretty boring. I’ve been writing since I was ten, mostly plays. I started out as a screenwriter then I started writing teleplays because I love TV shows. After people keep saying you should write a book I decided to write a book. I wrote some vampire and zombie books. Now I’m writing Interracial Erotic Romance Novels. I never get tired of talking about the characters in this series or what lead me to taking a stab at writing in a different genre.

1.      How did you come up with the title for the BALLS TO THE WALLS series? The first book was called LET’S PLAY BALL because it was about a little league coach. The series was named BTTW because of the first book and also because I was listening to Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz song “Get Low” multiple times a day for at least a two weeks.   

2.      How much of the book/series is realistic? The series is rooted in realism because I planned on it being relatable to woman. Mason is a made up person. The idea for the character came from a little league Coach named Jason. But the character is truly a composite of characteristics I would find attractive in a man. For example: he can build stuff with his hands, good at fixing things, physically strong, has a banging body, acts like a boss, has a career, loves kids, is insanely jealous, had minor flaws, arrogant, good in bed, nasty in bed, would scrap if the situation called for it etc. The character Jack came from a little league father that didn’t quite fit with the other fathers. 

3.      What inspired you to write your first book? I wouldn’t call it inspiration but I was challenged by some co-workers. They refused to buy my books under my other penname because they were Vampire and Zombie novels. They told me if I write something else they would buy it. I took it as a challenge. I had no idea what to write that would appeal to them. I had several ideas that never took flight. So one day I was bored sitting at my son’s baseball practices and I said (in my mind of course) what if the Coach had an affair with a parent? It was just that simple. When I’m bored my imagination runs wild. During baseball practice I sat in my car with my laptop and wrote Let’s Play Ball and turned it into a series.

4.      What do you do when you are not writing? I read books, go to the gym, read books while I’m at the gym, get aspired by all the good-looking hard body men at the gym, watch a ridiculously obsessive amount of TV, watch movies, browse the shelves at discount/resale bookstores.

5.      Where do you get your book ideas? Dreams, life events, TV news, TV shows, pictures in magazines, stories from friends, coworkers and strangers. Mostly dreams and sometimes daydreams. A lot of people tell me secrets because I’m not judgmental.

6.      Who designed your book covers? I design my own covers. I love doing it and hate it also. If that makes sense. The worst thing about designing your own book covers is I can’t ever remember what font, tricks or tools I used the last time. I have to learn to do it all over again with every new book cover.

7.      What is the message in your books? I don’t think my books have messages because they were written for entertainment purposes. The BTTW series has themes. Book one is Temptation. Book two is Consequences. Book three is Pressure. Book 3.5 is Change. Book’s four’s theme is Choices. 

8.      Do you have a specific writing style? I don’t think I have a specific style but I definitely try to incorporate drama, conflict, humor, sex and or love in all my books.

9.      What was the hardest part of writing your books? Not having enough time to write the books. There are only 24 hours in a day. I operate on four or less hours of sleep per day. It’s not ideal but regular life and my endless amount of ideas won’t let my mind rest. Another hard part of writing is proofreading and typos. My eyes refuse to find mistakes even after reading it for the fifteenth time.

10.  Did you learn anything from writing the BTTW books and what was it? I learned that some readers take fiction literally. I always viewed fiction as entertainment and a world of make believe. Some readers view fiction as fact and take the written word to heart. I also learned that there are a lot of readers that like my raunchy way of writing. They like me like a storyline that can not be predicted. I also learned that there is a huge fan base for interracial romance novels.

11.  What’s next after the BTTW series is over? I plan to work on some books in my other penname. I also want to finish one of the many stand-alone books that I started and never finished. I have about 20 unfinished books and that is not an exaggeration. But as far as BTTW is concerned I have an outline that consists of two more books. Free Agent was something I came up with because some readers showed an interest in the RJ character. I have no plans of writing anymore side books at this time. The next book is the BTTW series is Flag On The Play and it will be out in February 2014.   

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I am happy to type that I have finished the fourth book in the Balls To The Walls Erotica Series, BASES LOADED. It is currently available at Amazon and will be at other online retailers very soon. Some fans of the series are #TEAMMASON some are #TEAMJACK. If you are one of the ladies that has a hankering for Mason you should check out this video I made to pay homage to a real Alpha Male.