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Saturday, October 19, 2013


With the recent news that Charlie Hunnam pulled out of playing the role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, it got me to thinking. What if my Balls To The Walls Erotic Romance Series was made into a film? Yeah this is highly unlikely but I’m sure most authors would love to have their books made into a films. We all want to join the ranks of Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Anne Rice, James Patterson and recently E.L. James, just to name a few. Plus I’m still confused as to how Ben Affleck can play Batman when he was Daredevil. I had chosen my picks for Fifty Shades of Grey way before E.L James. I personally want to see Shailene Woodley as Anastasia Steele and Alex Pettyfer as Christian Grey and while reading the books I always envisioned Vanessa Williams as Mrs. Robinson. My choices will never happen but wouldn’t that make for a great movie?

So let’s get back to me and my musings. Who do I want to play the central characters in a film of my BTTW Erotica Series? I’m sure you would never guess my picks. I seem to think outside the box. Okay first there is alpha male Mason Rizza. My first choice would have been Channing Tatum but he’s just too young looking to play Mason who is 38 years old. So my next choice and I believe the most believable is Jai Alexander Courtney from Jack Reacher and A Good Day To Die Hard and here’s why.

1.      Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes

2.      Must look Irish and not Italian

3.      Muscular body-workout body

4.      Looks good with a beard

5.      Looks sweet but menacing

6.      Can play thirty something

Next up is Kari Fenderson. Hands down my only choice is one of my favorite black actresses. Who I believe is highly underrated, Bianca Lawson. If you remember her from Save The Last Dance then you know she is the truth.

1.      Closed mouth smile, full lips and freckles

2.      Light skin African American but doesn’t look biracial

3.      Looks younger than she is (Kari is 34 in the books)

4.      Sexy but can pull off girl next door

5.      Bond girl body

6.      Can get extra black (Save The Last Dance Clips)

Then there is Jack Unger, Mr. Perfect. I would pick Jason Lewis for what I believe to be obvious reasons. He was the Absolut Vodka guy on Sex And The City.

1.      Looks Swedish or German

2.      Resembles a human Ken doll (Malibu Ken)

3.      Looks successful and prettier than Mason

For the waifish mental wife of Mason Rizza, Tess Rizza I pick Emma Caulfield of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame.

1.      Very thin body

2.      Thin facial features

3.      Can play a pretty plain Jane
When I write I try to give a brief description of the characters and let the readers imagine their own versions of the characters. I’m sure absolutely no one envisioned these particular actors when they were reading BTTW. I'm currently working on a book that features Mason Rizza's nephew RJ from the Balls To The Walls Series. Check back soon for another blog post. I should release it in about a week. Until next time. :-) Lolah Lace

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  1. Girl!!!!! Your picks for BTTW are spot-on! I can totally see each of these actors playing my new favorite literary characters. Jason Lewis is just perfect for Jack. The cover model reminds me of Ryan Phillipe so I was using him as my Mason but this guy Jai Courtney is nice...Now for RJ....hmmm