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Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am author Lolah Lace. I have a few things to share. So here is a quick blog entry before I type away on the next Balls To The Walls book. Life is a strange and wonderful place full of surprises. People are hilarious in ways that I can’t truly understand. Facebook is a riot. I have had to block a lot of fellas who feel the need to send me pictures of their penises. These pictures were spent to me before I even had an actual profile picture of myself up. I had my book covers up for months and only recently put an actual picture of myself on my profile. Well any who, I’m not sure why any man would flirt or send explicit photos to a book cover image but like a said, life is strange and Facebook is a riot.
Some people are strange and some are mildly disturbed. Yesterday I received a message from a Facebook friend, mind you I don’t know this person but let me continue. This Facebook friend (that is a black man) messaged me “lol I’m hating on the black women white men photos”. That is what he wrote. I’m not sure what that means exactly. I’m not sure what photos he’s talking about. I’m not sure why there was an lol at the beginning of the message. I’m not even sure hating is a laugh out loud matter. I’m not sure that being a hater is funny. I kind of think hating is super-sad, time consuming and unhealthy. Of course I didn’t respond to the message because I’ve lived long enough to know that people need attention, way more attention than I can give them.

Here are a few things about me. I am a single parent with two kids. I have two jobs. Writing books is the job that I love. The other job has health insurance. Well back to dude. I think it must be nice to have time to hate on anything. I barely have time to do laundry, mop the kitchen, do my hair, check homework, go to the gym, and change a light bulb. The list is endless when it comes to things I have to do. I get on average 2-4.5 hours of sleep per night. I’m much too busy to hate. Plus I wasn’t raised that way. I write interracial erotic romance novels. I believe people should date and marry whoever they chose regardless of race. Love is colorblind as far as I’m concerned. Maybe the guy that left the message was trying to be funny. Maybe he just wanted to get a response from me. I’m not sure what his motive was for sending me that odd message. Maybe instead of seriously or jokingly hating on anybody, I think we should all try loving on everybody.  In the words of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013, Adam Levine “I Really Want To Love Somebody” Now back to writing Bases Loaded.

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  1. Preach! You don't have to justify whom you love to a damn soul. I can't stand ignorant people.