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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I have finally written my first stand alone novel. This may seem like a small endeavor  but it's major for me because my brain only works in series form. Between my two pen names I have three running series. This story was burning to get out of me. I was literally compelled to write it. The idea came to me while writing Free Agent, book 3.5 in the Balls To The Walls Erotica Series.

I've been trying to update my blog forever but I was having trouble with Internet Explorer and had to switch over to Google Chrome just to post another blog entry. This book has produced the most Amazon reviews for me, 38 so far counting the UK also. I am very grateful to the fans of my work. I appreciate your reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and all other eBook forums. Thank you to all the readers and reviewers.

So for those of you that haven't read my latest book here is the blurb.

The Boss Lady is an interracial BWWM erotic romance novel. Paralyzed with grief over a sudden tragic loss, Lukas Hamilton wonders if life is worth living. A chance meeting with a single mother distracts him from his pain. Nicole Nevels is the devil but underneath her harsh demeanor is exactly what Lukas never imagined he needed. He is stuck in the past and forced to deal with issues he has vowed to avoid. Can Nicole help Luke to rebuild his will to live and love again? Or will her selfish deeds forever hurt an already broken man? This eBook is for mature readers only. It contains adult language and strong sexual content.

I wanted to share a few of my reviews for the boss lady with you.

Phatgirl Reads wrote:
"I have been a Lolah Lace fan since Day 1, and her storytelling gets better and better with each book! The Boss Lady is quite different from her legendary Balls To The Walls series in that we're dealing with a total alpha woman told completely from the man's perspective. This read was very engaging and entertaining. The dialogue flows making you laugh, cry, and oh-no-they-didn't all in one breath...This story is not just a romance, but a story about loss, healing, and second chances. I highly recommend this one!"

Erotica junkie wrote:
"Emotional on ever level. A destroyed man finds an innocent connection with a little girl, then a not so innocent connection with her mother. So happy Luke found a reason to live and love again."           

Diane Lewis wrote:
"I really didn't think this book was going to be good but when I got into it. I quickly realized I was wrong. This book was so erotic talk about need to take a cold shower. The characters was excellent. I wish there could be more from nicole and Lucas. This will definitely go in my pile to reread again and again. Loved this book."

Kimone wrote:
"OMG!!!!!! This book was amazing, I laughed, I cried and I cussed. my feelings were all over the place. I loved that Lukas character had a dominate but sensitive personality. He was just what Nicole need to break through her tough wall she built around her heart."

Truth7 "No time for bad books" wrote:
"I didn't want to read this book because I was expecting it to be about a woman busting the balls of a man but the truth is that it was just a great story about a man learning to live again after losing his the most important person in his life. I enjoyed all the characters, even the ones that I wanted to strangle. This story was funny, sweet, surprising and entertaining. I would recommend it to others."

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