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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Antonio Lambrusco is back!


My latest book dropped today. Heart Of Gold is book 3 in the Heart Novella series. You have to read book one Heart Of Glass and book 2 Heart of Stone to understand what's really going with Antonio Lambrusco and Kelby Dozier. This is a three book series and the last book is here. Thanks to everybody that picked up a copy of book one and two and left me a review. I surely appreciate you.
Some people didn't read book one and two but the streets are talking and they saying these books are hot reads. So when you do read them. Please go over to Amazon and leave your review.  The links to all three books are below. Check out the series.


HEART OF GOLD is a BWWM Erotic Dark Romance. This novella contains strong language and adult themes. This novella is for mature audiences only. It is the third book of three. 

Tonio was really gone. He was really doing this, marrying her. I had been regulated to side-chick. I had always been the side-chick even when there were no other chicks. But now it was crystal clear. He had chosen her over me. Nothing I could do or say would ever change that.
Who was I? Why did I let this affair go on this long? Why did I let him treat me like a stand-in on one of his damn blockbuster movies? I know why, that hideous four-letter word.
Was it love?
Love— that’s a stupid ass reason.
Maybe I’m just a stupid ass.
I went to my bedroom and broke down in tears. I l
eapt face-first onto the mattress. I could smell his body, his sex, his sweat, on my sheets. His scent was too familiar to me. I vowed right there to banish that aroma from my memory. If he believes me or not— I am done with him. My heart was hollow and I had nothing left to give him. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Heart Of Glass Coming Soon


I'm super-excited about my new release on Friday. These are my muses for my characters Kelby Dozier and Antonio Dozier. 

Here's a short excerpt from <3 <3 HEART OF GLASS <3 <3 is available for preorder.
Coming Feb. 24 and part of the HEART novella series.

EXCERPT: I heard the door open and close. Joel had left me in the house. I even heard his Porsche drive away. With the blindfold, my other senses were heightened. In utter silence, I sat on the leather sofa at the bottom of the stairs. The only thing I could hear was my heartbeat. Frightened was an understatement. I was petri-fucking-fied. My clammy hands were placed flat on my lap. Was I really going through with this? The answer was yes.
I was pretty good at estimating time. I had been sitting for about six minutes when I heard his footsteps. They weren’t Joel’s. The patter had a loftier rhythm. The steps were heavier, steadier and somewhat musical.
“Don’t move.” His voice was deep. He seemed older but I knew he was older than me. “Did you hear me?”
I swallowed air. My throat was bone dry. “Yes.” My voice shook and my knees bumped together.
“You can speak when spoken to. I expect responses.” His voice seemed familiar to me.
“Don’t move.”
“Okay.” I could barely hear my own voice.
I listened as he strolled closer toward me. He was nearby. I could feel his presence. The aroma of his cologne accosted me. He smelled expensive, leathery, cool and frosty.
“Raise your hands up in the air.” He ordered and my first thought was – and wave them like you just don’t care. My fear had turned into comic relief. Kevin Hart would be proud.
This man’s voice made my body shudder. I slowly raised my hands off my lap. He took one of my hands. “Stand.” He pulled me to standing. He was holding my wrist. He took both of them with one of his hands. His hands were big enough to hold both of my wrists. Impressive or scary? I was still trying to figure it out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Inside Heart of Glass


Here's a sneak peek inside my latest book HEART OF GLASS. It's book one in the Heart Novella Series. These are the images that help inspire the book. You have to read the book to understand the images and how they go with different scenes in the book.

This is the apartment complex that the main character Kelby Dozier lives in. The parking lot where is runs into you know who and the front entrance.

This the the bar where she meets her best friend Lahasia. 

The restaurant where Kelby meets Joel for the first time. 

The very expensive alabaster and white Herve Ledger bandage dress and Christian Louboutins that were waiting for Kelby on the bed in the bedroom. 

Saving the best for last. These pictures I loved because they were the rental property in Lake Forest where the majority of the book takes place and where all the body rocking happens. The exterior with the lion statues. 

The back yard with the horse statue. 

The entrance with the infamous ivory sofa below the stairs. It leads into the living room area where there is the bar, the fire place and piano. 

The kitchen and table by the patio doors. 

The dinning room on the first floor. 

The basketball court the Joel looks for when he arrives with Kelby. 

The master bedroom.

The bathroom with tub and separate shower. 

The walk-in closet. 

I hope you enjoy the tour of the scenes for my book HEART OF GLASS. If you didn't read the book. Get your copy over at Amazon. 
<3 <3 HEART OF GLASS <3 <3 is available for preorder.
Coming Feb. 24 and part of the HEART novella series.
BLURB: Kelby Dozier is left in financial trouble after being dumped by her live-in boyfriend. Her best friend makes her a proposition that she knew she should turn down. Kelby has to make a hard decision that could change her forever. Can she forget about one scandalous weekend with a stranger? That may be hard to do, when the stranger gives her much more than she bargained for.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016




Here’s an excerpt from LOGAN ENCHANTED:
Two weeks had passed and there was no mention of anything that had transpired between Logan and me. Everything was back to normal. We carpooled. We hung out. We even had innocent sleepovers. Innocent meaning my panties stayed on my body and his tongue stayed in his mouth. 
I didn’t have the guts to ask Logan about Marcie. He didn’t volunteer any information and I know he came home that night after his date with her. I got home after him and I saw his car parked in the lot. Two weeks later and I didn’t say anything and he didn’t either. I wasn’t even sure if he was still seeing Marcie. There were a few things we didn’t discuss and Marcie from the eleventh floor was one of them. 
We went to work and came home but the drama was always following me. I was home alone after work. I was rocked hard again with news that I should have seen coming. But apparently my name was Stevie Wonder because I didn’t see a damn thing. 
Tonight I needed Logan.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Logan Enchanted Cover Reveal

Hey readers, this is the cover for my upcoming book Logan Enchanted. I'm super excited about Logan. He will be my book boyfriend for a minute. I hope he will be yours too.
This book is available for pre-order at Amazon. Make sure you click it up!

I want to introduce you to Cheyenne Miles. 


I hate men. Yeah, I said it and I mean it. I think I mean it. Why does this same bullshit keep happening to me? Nobody told me that I could only be happy for a few months at a time. I’m so sick and tired of men misrepresenting themselves. If you’re a cheap bastard be a cheap bastard. If you’re a player, be a player. If you’re a hoe, be a goddamn hoe. If you have four kids, claim all your damn kids. I’m so exhausted from all the lies and bullshit.

I never thought it would hurt so badly, maybe if I was this jaded cynical sister but I’m not. I believe in love. I made a vow that I would judge every man on his own merits. I would never let my past relationships affect the way I treated the new man in my life. I said no matter how much I hurt before I would always be classy, loving and the best girlfriend a brother could ever dream of having.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Logan Enchanted Coming Soon

 I'm working on this book that should be available at the beginning of October. Logan Enchanted is a standalone BWWM Erotic Romance. 

Here's a little something about this upcoming book.

Cheyenne Miles is sick and tired of relationships that end up going nowhere. Through the heartache and pain she could always depend on her friend Logan. She thought he would be around forever . . . until he wasn’t. Logan disappeared without a trace only to resurface as a completely different person. Can their friendship survive when the old Logan is gone and the new Logan is full of sh*t?

And here's a excerpt for Logan Enchanted

To hell with this bullshit. I grabbed my drink, my purse, and my sunglasses and headed for the door. 
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”
I looked up at the guy that had so rudely blocked my path. I wasn’t in the mood to be hit on by some tall ass Abercrombie and Fitch model.
“Excuse me.” I cut my eyes and scrunched my entire face.
“You heard me.”
I instantly thought about kicking this guy in the balls. But he hadn’t actually put his hands on me and he was so much bigger than me.
“Move out of my way.” I gritted my teeth through every single syllable.
“Cheyenne.” His deep voice startled me but I refused to be rattled.
How the hell did he know my name? My hand flew up to my name badge that wasn’t clipped to my blouse. It was inside my purse.
“How do you know my name?”
“Cheyenne Alexis Miles.”
He knows my name, my full government name. I had never lost eye contact with the stranger but clearly— I was seeing him for the first time at this very moment.
“Logan.” His name barely breached my lips.
“What’s up Chey-town?” His mouth spread wide and I recognized his perfect teeth.
“Logan.” I wished I could think of something other than his name but I couldn’t believe the person standing in front of me was my former coworker and junk food buddy, Logan Green. Who the hell is this?
His eyes were bluer, maybe not bluer, just brighter than I remembered. I could just really see his eyes now. He wasn’t wearing his eyeglasses and then there was the body thing. Whose body was this?
Before I could piece together this odd situation I felt his arms stretch around my body. He lifted me off my feet like a weighed next to nothing. I was forcibly pressed into the rock-hard firmness of his chest. He kissed my cheek quickly and placed me back on my feet.
“Logan.” There I go.
“That’s the third time you said my name. I haven’t heard you say it in—”
“Three years.” You asshole. I finally found my tongue and my flip mouth. “Where have you been?” I was instantly mad. I didn’t realize it until now. I couldn’t act nonchalant and cool now that he was standing in front of me. Where the hell had he been for three years? 

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