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Friday, September 16, 2016

Logan Enchanted Coming Soon

 I'm working on this book that should be available at the beginning of October. Logan Enchanted is a standalone BWWM Erotic Romance. 

Here's a little something about this upcoming book.

Cheyenne Miles is sick and tired of relationships that end up going nowhere. Through the heartache and pain she could always depend on her friend Logan. She thought he would be around forever . . . until he wasn’t. Logan disappeared without a trace only to resurface as a completely different person. Can their friendship survive when the old Logan is gone and the new Logan is full of sh*t?

And here's a excerpt for Logan Enchanted

To hell with this bullshit. I grabbed my drink, my purse, and my sunglasses and headed for the door. 
“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”
I looked up at the guy that had so rudely blocked my path. I wasn’t in the mood to be hit on by some tall ass Abercrombie and Fitch model.
“Excuse me.” I cut my eyes and scrunched my entire face.
“You heard me.”
I instantly thought about kicking this guy in the balls. But he hadn’t actually put his hands on me and he was so much bigger than me.
“Move out of my way.” I gritted my teeth through every single syllable.
“Cheyenne.” His deep voice startled me but I refused to be rattled.
How the hell did he know my name? My hand flew up to my name badge that wasn’t clipped to my blouse. It was inside my purse.
“How do you know my name?”
“Cheyenne Alexis Miles.”
He knows my name, my full government name. I had never lost eye contact with the stranger but clearly— I was seeing him for the first time at this very moment.
“Logan.” His name barely breached my lips.
“What’s up Chey-town?” His mouth spread wide and I recognized his perfect teeth.
“Logan.” I wished I could think of something other than his name but I couldn’t believe the person standing in front of me was my former coworker and junk food buddy, Logan Green. Who the hell is this?
His eyes were bluer, maybe not bluer, just brighter than I remembered. I could just really see his eyes now. He wasn’t wearing his eyeglasses and then there was the body thing. Whose body was this?
Before I could piece together this odd situation I felt his arms stretch around my body. He lifted me off my feet like a weighed next to nothing. I was forcibly pressed into the rock-hard firmness of his chest. He kissed my cheek quickly and placed me back on my feet.
“Logan.” There I go.
“That’s the third time you said my name. I haven’t heard you say it in—”
“Three years.” You asshole. I finally found my tongue and my flip mouth. “Where have you been?” I was instantly mad. I didn’t realize it until now. I couldn’t act nonchalant and cool now that he was standing in front of me. Where the hell had he been for three years? 

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