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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


SEXY, SEXY, HOT, HOT!!! Let's Play Ball is the debut novella in my new Interracial Erotica Series entitled Balls To The Walls. I am new Erotica author Lolah Lace. So you may ask what is this book about?
Coach Mason Rizza is a loving husband and dedicated father. Then one day he experiences lust at first sight. He becomes infatuated with Kari, the mother of a kid on his little league baseball team.

Temptation, desire and curiosity lands Mason in a steamy affair with the woman of his dreams. After he takes Kari as his mistress, he is forced to lie to his family and neglect the life he once knew. When things spiral out of control, will Mason have the strength to make the right decision?

This ebook is for mature readers only, it contains adult language and strong sexual content.
Let's Play Ball is available exclusively at Amazon and in the Kindle Store for $3.99. The book is hot and if you don't believe me read the reviews. Check it out. Until next time.


  1. Ms Lace!!! Im going bonkers! Where is book four in the bttw series? I hope your well and if not I surely understand the delay. Your readers are eager to be pulled from the cliff you left us hanging on and in anticipation for the bases loaded book we were looking foward to having at the end of last month, that being yesterday. Please tive us an update. I cant find anything on the web that mentions what to expect or when to expect volume

  2. Hi there, bookworm. I'm going bonkers too!! book four, BASES LOADED has been delayed. I still have to design the cover and do some proofreading and add some final touches. It will definitely be out by December 10th. It's my fault. I went off and wrote and additional book for the fans of the RJ character called FREE AGENT. That book wasn't part of my Balls to The Walls Erotica series plan. But when the ladies started hitting me up on Facebook and asked for a book with RJ, I just couldn't resist. I got all wrapped up in his character and made that book almost 20k words more than I planned. I'm glad you commented. I've been so wrapped up writing book four I haven't really been doing the internet. Since you are familiar with my writing style you know you can expect a killer cliffhanger that will make you mad as hell. So don't throw your Kindle, iPad, Nook, Galaxy tablet or whatever device you read it on because you might break it. Plus there will be hot sex and drama that is real. But I'm sure you know that already. Ttyl, Lolah Lace :-)

  3. Thanks for the update Ms Lace! Im not even mad at the detour you made that led us down the wonderful road to RJ! He certainly is Mason in the making. Book 3.5 gave a nice bit of insight into RJ's life while filling in a few gaps concerning Mason and Kari. Im waiting patiently for the release of book 4 tomorrow. I'll be stalking the web after midnight hoping to get my copy! Love this series